• Candice Chenade

July Treasure Tress Box Review - Featuring Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus

You guys know what it is. A new month. A new box!

As always Treasure Tress never fails and came through with a box for champions! You guys have asked me to review more boxes and products so I will be trying my beat to keep up with these demands starting this month. So here it goes!

This month we received 5 FULL-SIZE Shea moisture products from the coconut and hibiscus curl and shine range. In the box was the Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Curling Gel Soufflé. There was also a bonus product that wasn’t even hair related. African Water, Mint & Ginger Detox Body Lotion.

I had my hair in a protective style when my box arrived and I was excited as it came before my wash day! I have tried two of the products in the box prior to this box arriving but I know that wash day products tend to work well when you use a full line together as they are designed to work well so as I hadn’t used them all I was looking forward to it.

I started out by using the coconut and hibiscus curl and shine shampoo. When I first put this product in my hair I was like... “Huh? Where is it? There’s no lather, it’s so thin I can’t feel anything. What is this?” But after adding more shampoo (honestly, probably a little too much for the first shampoo) it started to lather but not as much as expected. The product was very thin and I was really confused by it. On my second shampoo, I felt like my scalp was actually getting washed and it did leave my hair feeling clean. However, it did feel a little stripped but maybe this is because I used A LOT more than I am used to using because of the consistency.

The coconut and hibiscus curl and shine conditioner was also quite thin in my opinion but it had enough slip and I was able to detangle my hair quite well. I have used this product before but I am 100% sure they have changed the formula because I don’t remember mine being so thin in the past. It smells lovely and the pump works well for helping me ensure I have an even amount of product in each section. As the product was quite thin and I had been a little heavy handed with the shampoo I used Shea Moisture deep conditioner form another range and a previous Treasure Tress Box because my hair did feel stripped a little.

After rinsing off the conditioners I went in with the coconut and hibiscus curl and shine curl enhancing smoothie. I was most excited about this product when I opened my box! The texture is sooooooo thick. It’s not heavy either. It’s like a hero product. It adds moisture and worked really well with my curl pattern and didn’t eat it down at all. It has smoothing properties with the silk protein and neem oil. It felt soooo good in my hair and I feel like it will be a leave in I will use over and over again.

I then went straight in with the curling gel soufflé. If you don’t know by now you will know now. I am NOT a fan of gel. Not one bit. It just makes no sense to me. I’m volume over definition all day every day! But instead of just ignoring that product as I had done in the past I thought let me follow the instructions in the Treasure Tress booklet and give it one more try. My initial thought was “I HATE THIS” my hair felt stiff and sticky. The texture wasn’t soft and bouncy like I am used to when I use cream based products. I was convinced that I was going to wash my hair and remove the gel but as I said I was giving it one more try I let it stay in my hair. My hair looked amazing. It just didn’t feel it.

I went to an event on Thursday and it was a sweatbox. And because of the gel holding my curls in place, I didn’t leave looking like an alpaca. My curls were still popping after 4 hours of partying in 39 degree heat in a sweaty room. I was like “Ok, gel life may not be so bad. I mean it won’t be my every day but it could be my once in a blue moon kinda thing” I wore my hair in the same wash and go every day for 4 days. By the time day 5 came my curls were looking dead. There was no more definition and they were dry and in need of a good self care session. So although this gel hasn’t made me cancel all gels, it hasn’t made me fall in love either. It can sit on my shelf until a style calls for it or until one of my sisters or friends come and steal it.

Then I tried the bonus African Water, Mint & Ginger Detox Body Lotion product and I promise you, this is the product that I didn’t realise I needed. But sis, I needed it!!! I was dubious thinking it was going to be thin and feel really water based but it was thick. So thick in fact that it was a struggle to squeeze out of the tube. But I looooooved it. It melted like butter into my skin and left a none greasy shine. Smells divine and has a nice little tingling feeling which was perfect for the heat and gave a cooling effect. I love it so much I might have to go and purchase another for my collection.

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