• Candice Chenade

The Gratitude Attitude

Have you ever looked at yourself and thought that in a short space of time you have achieved so much. But in your soul, you feel as though you haven’t really done anything? Have you seen the fruits of your labours flourish but still feel like you haven’t really moved?

Sometimes we look outside too much and forget to feed what’s inside. We look at our achievements as things we should be most proud of. But we forget to look at our gratitude. Saying thank you for something so small to us, something that we are privileged to. We forget that it is super important.

I look at myself for example, I have two notice boards in my workspace. One for goals and one for affirmations. I have a jar where I collect all of my achievements once completed to take a look at in December to prep and pump me up for the new year. But it dawned on me that I don’t have a gratitude jar.

I’ve spent so long focusing on goals and hitting milestones in my personal life and my blog life that I hadn’t even taken the time to truly appreciate how far I have come, nor have I even said “THANK YOU” for being in this position in my life.

I’ve always known that the attitude of gratitude is the best attitude to have. I know that being grateful, praying and giving it to God will ensure that you get what is meant for you as there is more than enough for everyone. But I don’t know why I wasn’t practising it.

Gratitude allows us to see how many wonderful things happen to us in our everyday lives, it reminds us that joy is always close by. Even on those days when we cannot fathom being joyful, it helps you to remember that joy comes in the morning. Gratitude is a great healer and comforter. Once you start to feel grateful you will feel the growth that you have been doing. You will appreciate each tiny step forward and even more so when these tiny steps turn into giant leaps and milestones.

Being grateful and reflecting on my day before I go to sleep will be part of my bedtime routine. I will answer a few simple prompt questions on days I get a little lost for words like these questions below.

I am grateful today because...

I am grateful for this person today because...

I am grateful for this experience today because...

I am grateful for feeling _______________ today...

I am grateful for this challenge today because it has taught me...

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever noticed that when you say “thank you” to somebody they respond with a smile before any words leave their mouth? Sometimes even a simple smile is thank you enough when worlds fail you.

Gratitude is simple but all so effective.

If you don’t want to write down why you are grateful just try to say it out loud and speak it into the universe. I promise you, your life can only change for the better when you focus on all the positives.

Peace ✌🏽n Love 💚

Candice Chenade.

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