• Candice Chenade

October Treasure Tress Review: Feat Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Collection.

I’m not gonna lie. I gave Treasure Tress a tough tough month this month. I hadn’t washed or brushed my hair in 3 whole weeks. I didn’t have it in a protective style or nothing, just my ends blowing in the wind and my strands tangling together.

Sis! I beg!

So when I saw that I had the Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed collection I was gassed. I needed a good clarifying shampoo and a decent conditioner. The texture of this shampoo was like jelly and yes it did clarify my scalp! I usually shampoo my scalp twice and on my second wash with this shampoo, my hair was full of bubbles! My hair felt squeaky clean!

Now, once I finally rinsed out all the suds from my hair it was time to rescue my tresses. So the fact that the conditioner in October’s box is called Rescued was very fitting. I can’t even lie, I didn’t detangle or section my hair before putting this on my hair instead, I smothered my hair with product, wrapped it in cling film and wrapped it up in a headwrap for an hour. I then detangled and rinsed it all off.

Because of how I had treated my hair I did need to give my hair a little trim to remove the single strand knots and straggly ends. But once that was done my hair was soft and really didn’t feel like it had been neglected for three weeks.

I am protecting my hair for the foreseeable future (let’s see how long this lasts,) so I started with two flat twists into braids style and I used the Frizz Patrol Anti Poof Twist and Curl Setting Mousse. My hair is naturally frizzy and it takes a whole lot to keep my hair from being frizzy so I totally ignored the title and yes my hair was frizzy. But, it did lock in moisture and my hair didn’t have a crunch that I usually get with mousses. So much so that I have actually called up a friend who loves mousses and have told her to switch!

As you all should know by now, I’m not a fan of gel for defining my curls. I’m much more of a cream fan. But the Ice Curls Glossy Curling Jelly had a nice texture and I’m impressed by the size of the tub too. It doesn’t compete or compare with aunt Jackies Curl La La but either way, the sheen was nice and it didn’t flake and it worked quite well for creating a sleek bun.

Now! Slicked, is exactly that! A glue type gel! It slicks your hair! However, it’s far too strong for me to use on its own. It flakes if you use too much and a little does go a long way. I used this with the Ice Curls from the same box and it did create a very strong hold. However, this product worked best for me on top of an edge control as the edge control helped my hair be more flexible and it didn’t flake as the edge control worked like a barrier! But flyaway hairs were nowhere to be seen with slicked! (I just wish I took a pic for you guys to see)

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