• Candice Chenade

365 Days of Gratitude.

Life ay, it’s a funny old thing sometimes. We think we have it all figured out and then suddenly it all falls to pieces. I know I haven’t been myself over the past two months. It’s felt like everything around me has fallen down. All of my little personality islands and towers of wisdom and knowledge, falling down brick by brick.

But it’s in moments like this that you realise, there is only one way to go and that’s up! You literally have to peel yourself off your sofa, climb out from under that duvet and get your stuff together!

When you look around you and see all of the chaos and mess it’s easy to sit and wallow in self pity. But the truth is this will get you nowhere. You won’t have the courage to build your life, your heart and especially your mind up!

But you have to visualise yourself rebuilding those towers of wisdom and those personality islands brick by brick. Some days you will build with hundreds of visualised bricks, others only one. But the most important thing is that you are building.

One of my best motivators is practising gratitude. In my previous blog “THE GRATITUDE ATTITUDE” I talk about keeping a gratitude jar and how I planned on finding something to be grateful for every day and although I still write on my little post it notes and say what I am thankful for, my whole purpose of it was to read when it’s full to motivate me to push further.

But since then I have been using a gratitude journal that I received from CGD LONDON. It’s made of vegan leather and is small enough to fit into your handbag to take with you. It has 365 pages for you to fill with three detailed prompts for you to fill in each day. There are no dates in the book so you can start whenever suits you. But I recommend you start now. Just think about how much you can turn your life around in a year.

One thing I have practised is answering the prompted questions and writing the things that I am grateful for just before I go to bed. I try to be as creative as possible with my answers like being thankful that My daughter told me that shopping in the supermarket is fantastic. Then I try to break it down and say why I am thankful for example, my child is only two and can say three syllable words in context and she is so free and so pure that she expresses her emotions with ease. It’s like it’s become a sort of nighttime routine and it truly puts a smile on my face.

But the true magic happens for me the following morning. I open my journal and read my entry that I had written the night before. Just as a gentle reminder of the small magical moments in my day that have brought a smile to my face and made me grateful. Doing this gives my day a whole new perspective. Not only am I ending each day with gratitude but I am starting each day the same way. Before my feet even untuck themselves from under my duvet I’ve said thank you! I’ve set myself up for greatness and I’ve filled my heart with joy. Although things may not go as I planned during the day. I can be sure that I will go to bed that night and look back at my day and find even the smallest thing to be grateful for.

Practising gratitude both day and night will change your life. You will wake up happier, your mood will lift and your perspective WILL change. Your mental health is more important than you think. You can think yourself sick, you can think yourself happy, so why not write only the positive thoughts down in your 365 Days of Gratitude Journal and start making a difference in your life now.

There is enough for everyone, you can have all that you want, all that your heart desires. Just ask for it and be grateful as you know it’s on its way to you. But you have to put a little work in brick by brick or in this case, page by page.

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