About Me

Candice Chenade is a hair & lifestyle blogger based in London. She founded her blogging platform in May 2018 and has seen a strong and loyal audience grow with her mainly on Instagram but also throughout her various social platforms. On her blog Candice talks about hair and gives reviews and product recommendations to her readers and followers. She is heavily committed to ensuring that parents and especially mothers like herself, remember to give self love. She strives to uplift and empower other women through her words, reminding them that they are not alone. We are in this together.

E: candicechenade@hotmail.com

For sponsored, PR & gifting enquiries.

I am occasionally sent items as gifts by brands and PR companies. If I choose to share this on my page or blog it is because it relates to my content and I enjoy the product. I always state that these products are gifted.


I do not share every product that is gifted to me as some items do not resonate with my readers, followers or content.